We offer both advisory services and trading of Quota, Authorization and Delegation. In addition, our services include EUOR through our EU Liaison Offices for Non-EU Companies and UKOR for Non-GB Companies.

Compliance is our cornerstone of expertise, we support Clients to ensure they comply with every aspect of the trade of HFC (F-GAS, REACH, reusable cylinders etc.).

We provide auditing services through accredited Certification Bodies, both in GB and in the EU27.

Our professional approach and a highly selective criteria in terms of qualifications and competence of our Consultants, allows us to cover more areas of expertise, encompassing but not limited to:

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services
  • F-Gas Regulation Compliance
  • F-GAS Training at every level
  • F-GAS Auditing support
  • F-GAS Reporting
  • BPR – Business Process Reengineering
  • ERP – IT architecture design and solution
  • F-GAS Portal maintenance
  • HR – HR Projects
  • Advertising services

F-GAS Regulation Compliance:

making sure your Company has the correct controls in terms of Quota Consumption, the right type of Quota for its business (Quota/Authorization/Delegation) and the correct filling of the SAD (Customs Import Regulation).

F-GAS Training at every level:

we provide an easy approach in explaining how the Regulation works, what is expected from your Company in terms of F-GAS Compliance and strategic insight in developing your business.

F-GAS Auditing support:

If you are importing 100 tonnes of CO2eq or up, you will need to be audited. We make sure all your paperwork is in good order. We cooperate with accredited Auditors. It is imperative not to miss the set deadlines for equipment precharged with HFC (March the 31st) and for Bulk Gas imports (June the 30th)

F-GAS Reporting:

Yearly activities (Jan/Dec) will need to be reported by the 31st of March, which requires also a classification of the equipment based on the F-GAS Regulation.

BPR – Business Process Reengineering:

we know how to make your workflow more efficient when it comes to managing HFC (and not only) in your day-to-day activities.

ERP – IT architecture design and solution:

once the correct workflow is designed, we can help you in implementing it through your ERP System. We also have our unique “Easy Reporting” Solution: a plug and play reporting tool for F-GAS matters.

F-GAS Portal maintenance:

we can help you in the registration process, maintenance, interactions with the F-GAS authorities (DG Clima/Environment Agency).

HR Projects and training:

Culture change, leadership development, global mobility (expatriation), company closure/relocation), Unions, and executive coaching.

Advertising Services:

interested in boosting your business? Try our advertising campaigns tailored just for.

HFC Quota Services

HFC Quota Services
  • EU/GB Quota application
  • EU/GB Quota/Authorization/Delegation procurement and trading
  • EU/GB Quota management
  • New Entrant support

EU/GB Quota application:

every year there is a limited time frame to make the application for the Quota (EU/GB) for New Entrant Reserve (11% of the yearly Quota). Missing out means no business for the following year and lower future reference value. With us, you will not run this risk.

EU/GB Quota/Authorization/Delegation procurement and trading:

whether you are a Quota Holder or an Importer of equipment precharged with HFC, Navis covers all. We match reliable Businesses, allowing them to trade EU Quota without any risk.

EU/GB Quota management:

our approach is to make the best out of your yearly Quota (EU/GB) allowance by making sure that it is used in full and respecting EU/GB Regulatory requirements.

New Entrant support:

we will find outlets for NER Quota which will help build a Reference Value and guide through the journey to become Incumbent.

HVAC-R Business Support

HFC Quota Services
  • Brexit strategy
  • Customs Product Classification
  • Customs Procedures

Brexit strategy:

moving stock between the EU and UK is challenging. With Northern Ireland still part of the EU Quota System while England, Scotland and Wales are part of the GB Quota System makes things very complicated. It’s important to have the right Quota for your products (Bulk Gas, Equipment)

Customs Product Classification:

It is a legal requirement to assign the proper Taric to the products which are PoM (Placed on the EU/GB Markets) and more so, that the correct Conditions are applied (EU). Our Consultants have this know-how.

Customs Procedures:

Making sure you have filled in correctly the DoC (Declaration of Conformity) for equipment precharged with HFC as required by the F-GAS Regulation and have the correct control on the amount of Quota available are the keys for a successful audit.

HFC Bulk

HFC Bulk

Navis has designed a consolidated scheme called "Shared Import". This procedure can be used to legally place on the market HFCs. It consists of grouping together New Entrant and Incumbent quotas to import full ISO tanks.

Through our Only Representative services provided to our clients, we have access to:

  • New Entrant Reserve Quota
  • Incumbent Quota

This scheme works for any type of refrigerant packaging:

  • Reusable cylinders
  • Drums
  • ISO tanks

We offer:

  • Training for "Shared Import" procedure
  • Project management "from A to Z" which includes a selection of vendors, Customs and logistics providers, insurance brokerage.

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