Our team

A pool of experts with hands on experience in the Industries affected by the F-GAS Regulation both in the EU and GB (Refrigerants and HVAC-R just to mention a few) which will help you cope with the challenges posed by Brexit and the complex Regulatory Environment of HFC Refrigerants.


Ekaterina Krivolap

Commercial Director

Combining her experience as business developer and know-how of the F-GAS Regulation, she has built a solid infrastructure supporting SMEs dealing with F-GAS Regulation and providing strategic insight to deal with Brexit and F-GAS Regulation combined challenges.

Andrej Kudriasov

Andrej Kudriasov

Finance Director

With a consolidated experience in one of the sectors most affected by the F-GAS Regulation (precharged Air-Conditioning), Andrej has an in-depth knowledge of EU/GB VAT and Taxation requirements and is leading our Only Representative Services to support non-resident companies to deal with the Regulatory Requirements in the EU and in GB.

Davide Palumbo

Davide Palumbo

Senior Partner

With an extensive experience in Customs, Logistics and Regulatory Affairs built during his past experience both with Consumer Goods and Heavy Machinery, he has been the front runner in the implementation of Customs Controls for the F-GAS Regulation and still is actively engaged in bringing added value to all SMEs impacted by the HFC phase down in GB and EU27 + NI.

Davide Palumbo

Maryna Ladonka

U.S. Liaison Office Director

With over 10 years’ experience in International and b2b saas business, Maryna has built a strong expertise in demand planning, logistics and Customs in the HVAC-R industry. Her strength in building strong liaisons between businesses worldwide has gained her a key role in helping our US based customers get aligned with the F-Gas Regulations in place in Europe and GB.

Davide Palumbo

Francesca Visconti

Marketing Manager - Navis Group

With a consolidated Sales & Marketing experience built in CE & IT markets, Francesca has built strong competences to support SMEs in product and business development at international level. Her broad know-how and exposure to different industries has enriched Navis with a fresh approach, proving that contamination is the key to business prosperity and success.

Davide Palumbo

Julien Bouquet

Sales & Marketing General Manager

With over 20 years in Sales & Marketing in some of the biggest international companies Julien has built the most solid knowledge of business planning, ROI analysis, auditing, optimisation and so much more. He is today one of the biggest assets for our clients and drives them through the complicated minefield of refrigerant procurement and supply, reporting and compliance.


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